Overhead view of a deep white pasta plate with Garlic Cream Sauce Seafood Fettuccine and a silver fork sticking out of the plate on the side.

Garlic Cream Sauce Seafood Fettuccine

This Garlic Cream Sauce Seafood Fettuccine is made with a gorgeous medley of seafood and tossed with fettuccine pasta in a buttery, garlicky, and creamy sauce. It’s quick and easy to make and comfort food at its best!



For the Seafood:

For the Garlic Cream Sauce Seafood Fettuccine:



  1. Combine all the spices for the Garlic Cream Sauce Seafood Fettuccine in a small bowl and set aside. Cover the bowl with cling wrap or a small plate to prevent the spices from being blown everywhere.
  2. Chop the garlic, red chilies, yellow onion, and the spring onion. Set aside.
  3. Peel and devein the shrimps if needed and rinse all the seafood thoroughly. Set aside.

For the Seafood:

  1. Heat 1 TBLS olive oil and 2TBLS unsalted butter in a large sauté or nonstick fry pan over medium-high heat. Once the pan has heated through and the butter has melted, add all the seafood.
  2. Season with kosher salt, black pepper, and crushed red chili pepper flakes to taste. Let cook for about 2 minutes, then flip and let the other side cook for another minute.
  3. Drizzle the freshly squeezed lemon juice over the seafood and add 1 TBLS chopped garlic to pan. Sauté and stir the seafood around occasionally until cooked through.* (Cooking time will vary depending on the size and type of seafood. It took about 6 minutes for my bag of assorted seafood, jumbo prawns and calamari to cook through.)

For the Garlic Cream Sauce Seafood Fettuccine:

  1. Cook the fettuccine pasta al–dente according to package directions in a large pot of salted water. Drain and set aside once cooked.
  2. Heat olive oil, chili oil (if using), and unsalted butter in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat.
  3. Add the onion and spring onion whites. Sauté for 1-2 minutes or until the onion is translucent.
  4. Add the garlic and red chilies. Sauté until fragrant – about 1-2 minutes.
  5. Pour in the cooking cream, whole milk, and add all the spices in the small bowl. Stir for 1-2 minutes until fully combined.
  6. Turn down the heat and add the all purpose flour and cheese. Stir well until the cheese has melted and the flour lumps have disappeared – the sauce will have thickened up a little.
  7. Taste and season with more salt, pepper, crushed red chili flakes if needed. Then turn the heat back up and add the pasta. Toss until fully coated with the sauce.
  8. Add the cooked seafood and stir until combined well with the sauce and pasta. Then turn off the stove and remove from heat.
  9. To Serve: Garnish with the spring onion greens. Add extra freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and more crushed red pepper flakes if desired.


  1. My choice of seafood: I used a 290g bag of frozen assorted seafood that had squid pieces, scallops, and shrimps and I added 6 Jumbo Prawns and 11 pieces of Squid rings because I had them on hand and they take a shorter time to cook. This was about 2.5 cups of seafood in total. You can use any assortment of seafood you like including shellfish.
  2. Using fresh seafood with hard outer shells (clams, mussels, etc.): Shellfish can also be cooked in the butter and olive oil but make sure that you rinse and scrub them as necessary and debeard the mussels (if required). Sauté them for 1 minute, then cover and simmer for about 5 minutes or until the fresh ones open. Remove the lid and at this point if any of the shellfish have not opened up, discard them (they are dead and not suitable to eat). Season with salt, pepper, and crushed red chili pepper to taste as indicated and add the minced garlic. Sauté and combine for another minute or so, then turn off the heat and proceed to make the sauce in another pan as per instructions.
  3. A note on calamari/squid rings: Be attentive while cooking the calamari or you’ll end up with a rubbery texture if they overcook! And that’s just not fun, so be careful and turn off the heat once the seafood has just cooked through.


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