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About That Spicy Chick

Hi! I’m Lavina and welcome to That Spicy Chick!

A little well known secret about me is that I LOVE food. Another very well known fact about me is that I absolutely ADORE spicy food!

My goal is to to share delicious recipes from global cuisines, cooking tips and techniques, and my love for food in general and spicy food with you. I want to inspire you to cook at home and show you that you can make things taste even more delicious in your own kitchen!

My cooking philosophy is fast, tasty, and fresh. With everyone leading busy lives, it’s important to know how to prepare delicious meals that are quick and easy so that you don’t need to turn to takeout and dining out several times a week. That said, several of the recipes on here are meal prep friendly and can be made ahead.

My cooking is vastly inspired by my travels, dining out, curiosity and creativity. Here you’ll find tried and tested recipes that are packed with flavor, mostly healthy and made mostly with fresh ingredients.

You’ll also find classics and authentic recipes that stay true to the cuisine they’re from.

Have a look around and maybe give one of my recipes a try! Word of caution though, do consider toning down the spice level because I am known to get very excited in that department! The recipes on here will always tell you exactly what spicy ingredient to use less of and have suggestions for how much is reasonable enough for most people.

A Bit More About Me…

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and have lived in Hong Kong for most of the last two decades. I’ve also lived lived in Singapore, New York and London and have travelled all over Asia, America, Europe and some parts of the Middle East.

I’ve spent the majority of my twenties as an events professional in Hong Kong. I created That Spicy Chick in 2017 and transitioned into becoming a full time food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer, and writer.

I am a bold, courageous and caring woman in my thirties and I have a SPICY personality!

My favorite things to do is peruse through food blogs & magazines, write and create recipes, hit the gym, and above all, cook and eat food!

My favorite cuisines include Chinese, Sichuan, Thai and Mexican (see a spicy trend there? 😉). Though I honestly will eat food from any cuisine. I love cooking chicken in different styles, but you’ll occasionally find me making something with lamb.

Apart from food, I love enjoying icy cold beers with friends and also hitting up the cinema. Horror movies always tempt me even though they do make me jump. I’ll also admit to having a soft spot for rom-coms.

On any given weekday, if I’m not busy blogging, eating, cooking, taking pictures of food, writing recipes in my trusty notebook or at the gym, you’ll find me at the a supermarket, wet market, or in a tiny little shop somewhere discovering new ingredients to invent recipes for!

I like to cook Asian food a lot, but I will occasionally find inspiration in a gem I’ve tried at some Middle Eastern or Western restaurant, or online from other bloggers or food magazines. I’ll then generate my own masterpiece (but I’ll always tell you the source if they were behind the firecrackers going off in my head).

Feel free to comment or contact me anytime and I promise to get back to you in the time it takes the capsaicin from a red chili seed to tingle your tongue. I mean I will try my best to be SPICY fast to reply. 😉

Thank you for visiting!