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Work With Me

That Spicy Chick is a blog that is focused on mostly quick & easy everyday mouthwatering recipes that are often with a spicy kick. I am extremely passionate about all types of food and love trying and cooking with different ingredients! My goal is to inspire people to make every bite of food super delicious and to make it count!

I would be thrilled to help your company meet its marketing goals! Below are some of the possible ways we can work together and/or collaborate on a specific project.


I am open to discussing sponsored content opportunities on That Spicy Chick. If you have an ingredient, product/item, service or content ideas that you feel would engage my readers, let’s connect!


I love taking beautiful pictures of food and styling them so that they are featured in the best light possible and look extremely tempting! All the photos on this blog have been shot by me in my home studio. I use professional Canon equipment, and edit the photographs in Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

I am available to:

  • Travel and shoot on location
  • Cook, style, photograph, and edit original or pre-written/existing recipes
  • Create new recipes for your brand, product/service and photograph and edit photos for them


I love creating and testing new recipes! It is one of my favorite things about being a food blogger and I’m passionate about creating tasty recipes with delicious ingredients! I’m happy to create an original recipe that showcases your product in a sponsored recipe post. My services related to recipe development include gorgeous food photography featuring your product, a blog post write-up with multiple links back to your company and social media posts. We can also discuss a long-term relationship highlighting your product in multiple unique recipes that I can create. I am also available to develop recipes for your venue, website, magazine, or other publication.


I’m ecstatic about products that I love, and I always want to share my joy with others! If you have a product that you think my readers and I would love, let me know! I’d love to promote it on my social media channels and help you to reach a bigger audience, as well as generate more exposure for your brand.


I can travel to your venue to learn more about your concept, brand, and/or food. I’d be happy to provide an honest review to my readers on That Spicy Chick.

I can also test and try out your product, provide a write-up of my testing process with photographs, and deliver an honest review to my readers. (This applies to food products, kitchen appliances, cookware, and kitchen gadgets.)


I am happy to travel to your food event and learn more about your product/service and cause. I can create engaging content inclusive of photographs and editorial writing and share all about my experience and your event with my loyal readers.


While heavy direct advertisement often sells a product, subtle product placement in photographs and videos are just as effective if not more so in this day and age. I can include your product in photographs for recipes on That Spicy Chick (and write about it if desired) to garner more interest in it. If you have a product that you think is a good fit for my readers, do get in touch!


If you have a product/service that you feel would connect with my readers, do reach out! Only products that I have personally tried and tested, find useful to myself and feel that my readers would also appreciate will be considered for giveaways. All giveaways will be promoted on the blog itself, in email newsletters and my social media channels.


Through a brand ambassadorship, we can engage in a long-term partnership where I will represent/promote your brand, product/service. I would be happy to promote and share about your brand/product on blog posts, social media and feature it on ad spaces on the blog.


Are you in need of fresh and exciting content for your website, magazine or other publication? I’d be thrilled to create engaging editorials and help you reach your goals! 


I’d love to hear about your idea! I am happy to discuss partnership opportunities that would help you meet your specific marketing objectives.

For more information and to discuss about opportunities, please reach out on lavina{at}thatspicychick{dot}com or fill out the form on my Contact page.