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Strawberry Lemon Cream Cake

This Strawberry Lemon Cream Cake is bursting with bright summer flavors, refreshing, and absolutely delicious! Layers of lemon sponge cake, lemon curd, luscious whipped cream, and juicy and fresh sweet strawberries are sure to please any crowd!

Whole strawberry cream cake on a platter.

It’s strawberry season ya’ll! 🍓

And I have a tasty summery dessert cake for you today – this Strawberry Lemon Cream Cake! This delightful cake is sweet (but not overly sweet), perfectly dense and moist, and yet kind of light thanks to soft and fluffy homemade whipped cream.

It’s full of bright lemony flavors with lemon extract and freshly squeezed lemon juice in the cake. We’ve also got a smooth, jammy, and sweet and tart layer of store-bought lemon curd in between of the whipped cream and strawberry layers!

And of course, we have juicy, ripe and fresh sweet strawberries! This tasty fruit is hard to say no to during strawberry season. But when you add cake and whipped cream to the mix, there’s nothing else I can think of that’s more wonderful on a hot summer day. 💛

Side view of strawberry cream cake on a plate with a fork. Stack of plates and a fork and rest of the cake on a platter behind.

Why This Recipe Works:

  • The sponge cakes have a hint of lemon, and the strawberry and lemon combo with soft whipped cream makes this a refreshing dessert during the summer season.
  • Homemade whipped cream is tastier and gives you the flexibility to sweeten it as much or as little as you like. It’s also a million times better in texture than a tub of cool whip. Also, it’s not as intimidating or difficult to make.
  • The sponge cakes are dense thanks to unsalted butter and whole milk. This gives them the ability to hold up the weight of the strawberries and cream.
  • It’s straightforward to make. Make the cake, make whipped cream while the cake is baking, prepare the strawberries, then assemble the cake. The only part that takes a little patience and time is allowing the cakes to fully cool before assembling it.
  • It can be made ahead. You can make the sponge cakes a few days ahead and assemble the cake on the day of serving.
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