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Baked Spicy Chicken Meatballs

These Baked Spicy Chicken Meatballs are easy to make, healthy, and loaded with flavor! They’re also extremely juicy, great for meal prep, and are a fantastic party appetizer when tossed in a sticky, sweet and spicy Thai Sweet Chili Peanut Sauce!

Baked chicken meatballs in rows on a foil lined baking tray.

These Baked Spicy Chicken Meatballs are my eeeeentire life right now!

I’d love to tell you that this is a quick recipe to make, but I’m gonna give it to you straight. It takes a couple of minutes to form and roll the balls. Like 20 minutes to chop, mix, and roll, and 30 minutes to bake. But you guys, they are so, so worth it because not only are they so darn tasty, they’re extremely versatile and can be used throughout the week for a quick lunch or dinner!

These multi-purpose cute little chicken meatballs can be enjoyed in:

  • Sandwiches. Think chicken meatballs slathered with a warm tomato and onion buttery sauce, and with plenty of melty ooey gooey cheese in a nice, warm and toasted french baguette. NOM! 😋
  • Salad bowls. Or rectangular meal prep boxes with meatballs for a healthy meal-prepped lunch! 🙌
  • This gorgeous Brown Butter Miso Pasta. (Recipe coming soon, so stay tuned!)
  • On pizzas…or a pita pizza too! Again, saucy, cheesy, mouthwatering crisp (or chewy and doughy, your call!) pizza with pizzazz! 😎
  • Or even as an appetizer in a deliciously sticky, sweet and spicy Thai Sweet Chili Peanut Sauce!

Exhibit A. 👇

Chicken meatballs on a white round plate coated in sweet chili peanut sauce.

The list is endless! They’re healthy, made with chicken (so less fat than beef or pork), loaded with flavor, AND tossed in an oober tasty sauce? HELLO LOVER! 😍

Need I say more? What are you waiting for people? Grab all the ingredients and let’s make some BOMB DIGGITY Baked Spicy Chicken Meatballs, and with Thai Sweet Chili Peanut Sauce if you like! 💃

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