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Cauliflower and Potato Indo-Thai Dry Curry

This Cauliflower and Potato Indo-Thai Dry Curry is made with traditional Indian spices and simmered in a dry curry base that’s made with coconut milk. It’s quick and easy to make, loaded with tons of flavors, and perfect for a simple and healthy weeknight dinner!
(Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, & Dairy-free)

Cauliflower and potato dry curry in a black bowl and garnished with chopped coriander. Bowl is on top of a diagonally placed gray napkin on a brown wooden table backdrop. White bowl filled with steamed white rice in the back.

Hello, hello again my Internet world buddies!

Hope you all are doing well and are getting some lovely sunshiny weather now that we’re in the midst of spring!

So lately, vegetarian and vegan food has been appearing a lot more often on my plate.

And you know what? I am ACTUALLY loving it!! 💛 Not just the taste and textures. But the way I feel after eating too. Kind of like being adequately full, but not the same feeling of being a little too full after eating meat.

Just some thoughts on eating vegetarian food… Not that I’m abandoning meat anytime soon though. I’m not ready to divorce my first and true love, Spicy Kung Pao Chicken, yet! 😉

But yes, back to making a lot more vegetarian recipes these days. Maybe it’s cause I’m getting older and my body is just BEGGING me to stop being a relentless carnivore 24/7. Or maybe it’s cause there’s a new Taste supermarket in my ‘hood and all the beautiful and ridiculously fresh produce always seem to be beckoning at me, Joey from Friends style, and being like, “Heeeey, how you doin’?!”.

I’m looking right at you, you sexy large white cauliflower head. 😍

So obviously, that cauliflower had to go in my cart. And a couple of hours later, this spicy, delicious, fusion-ish, and fragrant Cauliflower and Potato Indo-Thai Dry Curry was born!

Overhead view of cast iron skillet of Chicken Tikka Nachos with Creamy Cooling Yogurt Sauce and Red Chili sauce drizzled over the top. Garnished with freshly chopped coriander. Above the skillet are three dip bowls filled with pico de gallo, creamy cooling yogurt sauce, and a red chili sauce.

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