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Cream Sauce Seafood Pasta

This Cream Sauce Seafood Pasta is luxuriously creamy, elegant, and easy to make! Two types of linguini pasta are tossed with a gorgeous medley of seafood in a heavenly white wine cream sauce! Perfect for date nights, entertaining, or treating yourself on a weeknight in!

Cream Sauce Seafood Pasta with parsley garnish in a large deep sauté pan

And friends, here we are today at a crossroads. Our little Noodles & Pasta mini-series is culminating, and it’s time for the final recipe. So obviously, I saved the best for last! 😉

Please meet my latest obsession, which I SERIOUSLY have not been able to stop making, eating, and singing the praises of this past month – Cream Sauce Seafood Pasta!

View of half plate filled with cream sauce seafood pasta

You see, there are things in life that make me happy. Like seeing my family (who I don’t live with anymore), going to the movies with my sister, and chilling out over a pint with a long-time-no-see friend. But then there are things in life that make me extremely happy, lively, and possibly even hyper? Like this Cream Sauce Seafood Pasta. 😁

It’s luxuriously creamy, rich, super tasty, and elegant. And it’s very much like something you would order at a fancy Italian restaurant. However, contrary to what you might think, it’s actually incredibly easy to make on any given weeknight.

It shines like a diamond, and it makes my heart do a fluttery dance with its buttery creamy goodness. Friends, this is the cream sauce pasta of dreams, and I want to make ALL your creamy seafood pasta dreams come true with it! 🤗

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