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Thai Cashew Chicken

This Thai Cashew Chicken stir-fry is super easy to whip up in just 30 minutes, incredibly delicious, and so much better than takeout! Tender chicken pieces, crisp veggies, and roasted cashews get tossed in a lip-smacking tasty umami packed sauce!

Stir-fry chicken dish with bell peppers and cashews in a round serving bowl.

Hooooly Moly!

I kid you not when I say I licked the dish clean the first time I made this Thai Cashew Chicken. And I have shamelessly done so all the times that I’ve made it thereafter.

We have here:

  • Tender and flavorful chicken pieces
  • Roasted crunchy cashews
  • Crisp bell peppers, onion, and spring onion
  • An irresistible, lip-smacking tasty garlicky sauce!

Friends, this one wok wonder is the perfect quick and easy stir-fry for busy weeknights!

There are many versions of Thai Cashew Chicken (known as Gai Pad Med Ma-Muang Himmapan in Thai) out there. It’s a classic dish served in Thai restaurants all over the world. The degree of saltiness, spiciness, sourness, and sweetness varies depending on who’s cooking.

My version is wonderfully spicy, sweet, salty, and just slightly tangy. Most importantly, it’s truly delicious with a bowl of warm steamed rice!

Top view of stir-fry chicken dish with bell peppers and cashews in a serving bowl, and two bowls with rice.

Why This Recipe Works

  • It’s quick and easy to stir-fry. We’re talking just 30 minutes to whip up, inclusive of prep time.
  • The chicken pieces are super tender and flavorful because of a simple 3 ingredient marinade.
  • The sauce is DAMN delicious thanks to soy sauce, fish sauce, and oyster sauce bringing their umami game to the wok. Tamarind paste also adds the perfect hint of tang, and balances out the sweet and salty notes in the sauce.
  • It’s slightly healthier than your average takeout cashew chicken. I’ve opted to stir-fry the chicken instead of deep-fry it during the initial chicken cooking stage.
  • Crunchy, toasty, and creamy cashews add a lovely contrasting texture to the tender chicken pieces and crisp bell peppers.
  • It tastes a BILLION GAZILLION times better than takeout!
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