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Creamy Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Shrimp & Bacon

This Creamy Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Shrimp & Bacon is super cozy and comforting, and incredibly delicious! Homemade sweet potato gnocchi is tossed with shrimp, crispy bacon, and baby kale in a buttery, garlicky and rich white wine cream sauce. Serve it as a hearty holiday side, or as a main for a tasty weeknight dinner!

A round white plate with a spoon and creamy sweet potato gnocchi with shrimp, baby kale, and bacon. A pan with the creamy sweet potato gnocchi and a small bowl with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shavings in the back.

Hi friends!

A few weeks ago, I showed you how to make homemade sweet potato gnocchi in this easy tutorial. I also showed you how to freeze them for future use so that you have them on hand and ready to go for an easy pasta dinner on any given weeknight.

This week, I’m going to show you what you should and need to make with those cute little sweet potato gnocchi pieces – namely, this heavenly Creamy Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Shrimp & Bacon dish!

This tasty and elegant dish is perfect for:

  • when the cold weather and/or your mood calls for comfort food.
  • when your boo or friends decide to come over for an impromptu dinner.
  • serving as a fancy and hearty holiday side dish…one that is guaranteed to be loved by anyone who tries it!
A deep large black sauté pan with sweet potato gnocchi, crispy bacon, shrimp, baby kale, and parsley in a spicy white wine garlic cream sauce.

If you love gnocchi (soft, pillowy, homemade sweet potato gnocchi 💛), and you love creamy pasta sauces (enriched with garlic, cheese, parsley, and a vibrant white wine with a hint of sweetness 😋), then you are going to love this ridiculously delicious and cozy dish!

Let’s dive right in and make some Creamy Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Shrimp & Bacon! 🤗

Sweet Potato Gnocchi pieces in a glass mixing bowl.

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