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Creamy Chicken Curry Pasta with Thai Curry Paste

This Creamy Chicken Curry Pasta with Thai Curry Paste is ready in 35 minutes and exploding with flavor! Tender savory chicken pieces, penne pasta, aromatics and veggies are tossed in a delectable coconut milk curry sauce!

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Creamy chicken curry pasta garnished with basil on a plate.

If you love the flavors of Thai yellow curry and easy weeknight pasta dinners, you’re going to love this Creamy Chicken Curry Pasta! It’s coconutty, spicy and full of delicious curry flavors! 

This recipe was inspired by a restaurant I dined at in Bangkok called Bully’s Bangkok. They had a spicy chicken curry penne pasta dish in a creamy yellow curry sauce. While it tasted really good, the curry sauce was made with lots of heavy cream, oil and parmesan cheese. It was rather decadent. 

I wanted to make a healthier version of this comfort food dish with all the lovely curry flavors so that I could enjoy it at home anytime.

My creamy chicken curry pasta recipe is made with tender savory chicken pieces, veggies and fragrant aromatics in a creamy Thai yellow curry coconut milk sauce

It’s easy to make in just 35 minutes and the ultimate Thai-Italian fusion meal that you and your family will love!

Why This Recipe Works

  • Quick and easy. Using store-bought Thai yellow curry paste is convenient and makes this creamy chicken curry pasta a breeze to make on a busy weeknight.
  • Flavor-packed! It’s full of aromatic Thai yellow coconut curry flavors and intoxicatingly fragrant with citrusy makrut lime leaves.
  • High protein and fiber. Chicken breast makes this a high protein meal and using whole grain pasta and veggies makes this a high fiber and nutritious dish.
  • Customizable. Swap the chicken for your favorite protein (pork, shrimp, beef, crab, tofu etc.) and add any curry friendly veggies you like!
  • Adjustable spice level. Tailor this curry pasta to your desired level of heat and make it as mild or spicy as you want.
  • Meal prep friendly. It stores well in the fridge for a few days and can be prepped in advance for an easy reheatable lunch or dinner during the week.
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