That Spicy Chick

Spicy Chicken and Bacon Tomato Pasta

This Spicy Chicken and Bacon Tomato Pasta features bold flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and is ready in just 30 minutes! Packed with savory chicken, crispy bacon, fresh basil in a creamy and smoky tomato sauce with a sharp bite from Calabrian chili pepper paste, this mouthwatering pasta dish is sure to delight! 

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Closeup of Spicy Chicken and Bacon Tomato Pasta garnished with grated cheese and basil on plate.

Confession. My obsession with Calabrian chili paste did not end with my Spicy Vodka Pasta nor my Spicy Pumpkin Vodka Pasta recipes. It continues to tingle my taste buds with its tremendous depth of flavor on grilled meats, roasted veggies, scrambled eggs, in sandwiches…and now in this Spicy Chicken and Bacon Tomato Pasta dish!

This chicken and bacon pasta is weeknight delicious comfort food at it’s best and I think you’ll love it!

We have here savory seared chicken pieces, crispy bacon, penne pasta, crisp red bell pepper, and fresh basil in a robust smoky and slightly creamy, beautifully spiced and seasoned tomato sauce! 

With just a handful of mostly everyday ingredients, this simple spicy chicken pasta recipe can be made in about 30 minutes in one pan on any night of the week!

Top view of Spicy Chicken and Bacon Tomato Pasta garnished on plate and in a pan.

Why This Recipe Works

  • Calabrian chili pepper paste kicks up the heat level with tantalizing spicy and smoky flavors with a hint of tang. 
  • Penne pasta with ridges allows the creamy tomato cream sauce to cling onto the pasta perfectly.
  • Using both passata and double concentrated tomato paste ensures that there is ample sauce for the pasta. The tomato paste gives this dish a wonderful bold tomato flavor, while the passata adds a lighter and bright tomato flavor.
  • Single cream balances out the richness of the tomato sauce with creaminess and is a lighter and healthier option than heavy cream or double cream.  
  • Adding fresh basil add the end brightens up everything.
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